When to Hire a Housing Lawyer? Check This Out

08 September 2021 Oreoluwa Lawal

Sometimes, home buyers and renters don’t know when and where to hire a housing lawyer. If you are in this category, then you are in the right place. This article will pinpoint the situations when hiring a housing lawyer is right for you.

When promises are left unfulfilled

If you’ve bought a new house or rented an apartment based on a promise made by the seller or the landlord, you should consider hiring a housing lawyer to follow through with the promises. For example, suppose a house seller had promised to install an intercom system for security reasons and fails to do so. In that case, a housing lawyer will write a stern letter and threaten a lawsuit if the seller fails to comply.

When your property has been damaged

Another situation that warrants hiring a housing lawyer is when your property has been damaged due to the carelessness of the seller or the landlord. For example, a faulty wiring connection can cause a fire and damage your property. A housing lawyer will help you with your arguments to seek reimbursement from the seller.

Failure to make necessary repairs

You should consider hiring a housing lawyer if a seller or a landlord fails to make necessary repairs under your purchase or lease. Even when you decide to go through with a tenant’s rent withholding remedy, a housing lawyer can guide you. Additionally, a housing lawyer can contact the seller or the landlord and facilitate a quick settlement.

Failed purchase or forced evictions

A housing lawyer can plead your case in the courtroom if your home buying process did not go through or if your landlord has evicted you with no proper court proceedings. In this case, a housing lawyer at eboligadvokat.dk will help you with practical strategies to win the case in court.

Everyone deserves a safe living place. Don’t hesitate to get help from a housing lawyer when you need one.

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